Private credit

Build a private credit ecosystem with 100% management online with the possibility of acting as a private credit authoring center.

Highlight values proposition

The private credit solution allows the creation of systems that apply to cases such as fleet of vehicles


Creation and management of customers and centers


Creation, list and management of cards and card users. Authorizing center services for cards operations.


Filtering, listing and exportation of the generated consumptions, invoices and receipts of users


Creation and management of prices for products

Restriction management

Rules generation for cards and contracts

General features


The private credit module is focuses on the customer. To start operating is mandatory to create a customer because the contracts and cards are linked to them

Private Credit Customers image background


Centers are the entities where costs are allocated

Private Credit Centers image background
  • Center creation
  • Management, deletion and updating of centers
  • Listing of centers


Throught the cards, users and customers can make consumptions in order to create the invoiceing at the end of the liquidation period

  • Card creation
  • Modification of all card fields or only the mandatory fields
  • Card deletion
Private Credit Cards image background


Users are the fleet of vehicles drivers

Private Credit Users image background
  • User creation
  • Management, modification and deletion of users
  • Assignation of cards and contracts to users
  • Consulting the user list


Checking, filtering, listing and exportation of the generated consumptions

Private Credit Consumption image background
  • Filtering by customer, contract, card number, sale date, customer number, sale item, commerce, driver, card plate or km.
  • Exportation to PDF, Excel and CSV
  • Receipt visualization
  • Amounts charged by commerces
  • Manual insertion of receipts
  • Sales statistics


Checking, filtering, and listing the generated invoices

Private Credit Invoices image background
  • Invoice creation
  • Invoice visualization
  • Invoice payment


Creationg, management and assignation of prices to a product

Private Credit Prices image background
  • Invoice creation
  • Invoice visualization
  • Invoice payment


Stablishment of values to all components of the private module in a centralized way. That values can be modified globally or by company

Authorizing payment center

Service that offers an authorizing center of private credit

  • Balance redemption
  • Authorization of an excess balance on a card
  • Checking the balance of a card
  • Card PIN management
  • Checking the generated receipts by contract, customer, driver and card.
  • Available balance reporting by customer

Restriction management

Generation of rules for cards and contracts

  • Store rules creation: limited by store in a inclusive or exclusive way
  • Category / products rules creation: limited by category / product in a inclusive or exclusive way


Section Requirement API Backoffice
Cards Request by email
Link card with contract
Card screen
Card list screen
Card screen from contract section
Card screen from customer section
Authorizing payment center
Service that offers an authorizing center of private credit
Redeem balance
Excess of balance
PIN management
Check balance
Payment screens (receipts)
Available balance reporting by customer
Contents Obtain footer and header image
List taxonomy
Get content
Create content
Delete content
Edit content
Content modification screen
Contents hierachy screen
Users Create
Get a customer
Customer screen Improve the look and include features of contracts, consumptions, cards and images of each customers
Customer list
Centers Create
See receipt
Manual receipts (sales) screen
Receipt sales summary
Daily receipt statistic
Amounts charged by store
Sales summary
Sales of petrol stations
Invoices Create
Link a card
Unlink a card
Link a contract
Unlink a contract
Drivers screen
Drivers list screen
Forms Get
Send email
Form management
Form viewer
Assign form to a hierarchy
Rules engine Create
Assign rules to a contract
Delete rules from contract
Redeem limits
Check limits
Screen of management rules from contract
Screen of rules list
Screen of rules for customers by contract
New extended rules (stores, categories, SKU)
It offers an specialized settings on each enterprise for the business and technical processes like balance limits or assignation of credit
Get settings by enterprise
Get settings
Update the settings of an enterprise
Update settings
Screen of settings by enterprise
Setting screen
Analytics reports Generic body
Analytics reports L&F parameterization by distributor
Modify css by online distributor
Reset password
List consumptions
Consumption detail
Consumption dashboard
Edit card (Drivers)
Add card
Invoice list
Invoice detail
Card list
Card lock
Get user
Update user
Onboarding Onboarding backoffice
Onboarding web
Commision profile
Create profiles
Delete profiles
Update profiles
List profiles
Get profile
Get commisions by profile

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