As the different organizations that guarantee the operation of a city, Ignite is the key piece that governs and manages the functioning of the cloud platform. A cloud enabler to govern and rule the everilion solutions world.

Ignite is a centralized cloud platform enabler that provides capabilities to make it easier for projects, solution providers, and end customers to market, configure, bill, and use catalog solutions in an agile, global, massive, and multichannel way.

enabler overview
Ignite cloud enabler overview

It manages and controls in a single point all the products (own solutions and third party solutions).

It manages and monitors the entire product lifecycle (provisioning, hiring, deployment,...)

It delivers solutions to a massive collective through different channels. It acts as a middleware between this collective and the corporate systems.

It facilitates the industrialized management of SaaS products and allows to particularize the conditions for each customer.

It makes easier a single integration with commercial systems.

General features


The capability of provisioning allows the management of all the entities involved in the distribution of all the platform functionalities (own and third party solutions) and offer them to the final customer bringing consistency to the entire process of contracting and using solutions.

ignite provisioning icon
  • Companies
    They are the main entities to which the rest of the elements are associated, where everything begins. They can be a company, customer, branches of a corporate configured as hierarchy, etc.
  • Users
    They are the ones who consume services and products and are identified by a unique id, login and password. They are assigned to one or more companies, and through roles and profiles you control which capabilities they have access to.
  • Gamas de productos
    It allows a manufacturer or service provider to group different business packages together for distribution based on functional or business approaches.
  • Commercial packages
    Commercial packages are groups of menu items that make up a particular product and can be provisioned in a company or grouped into a range of products.
  • Menu items
    It is the basic functional unit that you can access from Ignite. They are grouped into commercial packages providing great versatility when building different products.
  • Roles and profiles
    Control which functionalities of each company are available to each user by using access permissions to menu objects. The profile determines user groups associated with the role, and allows you by parameterizing how the different menu items are displayed.
  • Printing formats
    Creation, editing of Print Formats to make them available to customers


Business module will allow to monitor product licences and to issue invoices of the carried out transactions by each client.

ignite business icon

Billing & Invoicing: The platform offers capabilities to help the different manufacturers and marketers to invoice the exhibited products at Ignite

  • Products/Items
    It contains the billing information of a commercial package that includes the consumption units and their price, the rates, revenue sharing...
  • Delivery notes
    Manage delievery notes which reflect the consumption of each product by each customer.
  • Sales invoices (customers)
    Management of sales invoices, issued for customers based on the consumption they made.
  • Purchase invoices (vendors)
    Management of purchase invoices to the different actors that are part of the process of marketing a product.

Clearing: Ignite offers the capability to easily distribute income among those involved parties in the commercialization of commercial packages by generating the associated settlement report from which an authorized user could create the different invoices associated with each of the actors considering their corresponding distribution.


Controls which users can securely access which modules and services using authentication and authorization mechanisms. Ignite also makes standards-based systems such as OPENID, oAuth or Federation (SAML 2.0) available to integrators for use in their own solutions.

ignite security icon
    Ignite uses Microsoft Azure API Manager as a gateway that allows to easily design how the APIs are accessible, how they relate to each other to form the operation flows and which ones are exposed.
  • oAuth
    Ignite offers the possibility of access using the oAuth standard which is based on the validation of a security TOKEN generated by some standard TOKENIZATION tool.
  • OpenID & HSM
    The OpenID standard offers the possibility of generating, refreshing and validating security TOKENs to be able to propose accesses through oAuth integrated with other systems or for the securing of APIs.
    For the token generation Ignite also provides its own HSM device.
  • SSO
    The platform has its own authentication system so that clients can access their private area. Another integrated access mode offered by the platform is the basic SSO mechanism which avoids a double login by the end user when accessing another system (i.e. ISV’s) from the platform.
  • Federated Services
    Identity federation is a standard mechanism for integrating an LDAP or Active Directory from an external provider with the platform in such a way that avoids a double login of the end user.


Ignite platform offers monitoring and supervision tools to external solutions, processes or systems to manage the registration and extraction of information, so that both products and projects can monitor their functional and / or business entities.
In addition, with the alerts and monitor system, the system can inform integrators about specific events that you want to monitor.

ignite monitoring icon
  • Monitors
    Monitors are the entities that give meaning to the raw information that is sent through an API from the defined probes.
  • Alert engine
    Configures the conditions and thresholds from which an alert is triggered and the action to take.
  • Logs & traces
    Logs and traces in files to be downloaded for checking.
  • Audits
    Log audit information and query stored data for checking.

Instances & Integration

Ignites offers capacities related to the management of instances and projects that allow offering autonomy in the administration of custom developments of integration projects.

ignite integration icon
  • Project Management
    Configure project's special features such as those related to user passwords, project styles...
  • Automatic management of environments and instances
    Manage instances for different projects and perform product version updates or deployment of their special developments and capabilities.
  • ALM integration
    Ability to set up the data needed for integration with external development products/projects that have their own development cycle.

Features summary

Functional area Entity Backoffice API
Provisioning Companies
Product groups
Commercial packages
Menu items
Roles and profiles
Printing formats
Business Products
Delivery notes
Sales invoices
Purchase invoices
Security API Manager
OpenID & HSM
Monitoring Monitors
Alerts engine
Logs and traces
Instance & Integration Project management
Automatic management of environments and instances
ALM integration

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