Hubble POS Multisector

Minimum impact on your former equipment, you only need an internet conection to operate your point of sale.

Highlight values proposition

POS software is conceived as SaaS and fits the needs of each sector. The cloud architecture brings lightness and scalability to this solution, making deployments and upgrades easier, as well as remote configuration.

Hubble POS overview
Hubble POS overview

Full set of features available on Windows and Android devices with hardware independence

Specific business panel and dynamic options provide adaptation and verticalization

Full integration with everilion ERP, loyalty, promotion and private credit solutions

General features

Bos integration

  • POS Integration with BOS
  • Access to specific functionalities from the FOS
  • Remote and centralized configuration
  • Specific configuration for each terminal and/or store
  • Manage user permissions for operations that require special control

Flexible layout

The interface of HubblePOS is responsive. Also, it adapts itself to the needs and preferences of each business, being able to organize the main elements in multiple ways.

Thanks to the high level of parametrization that the BO offers, this configuration is only one of the multiple it can be stablish on remote, in a centralized way and a different level (business, store or POS) way


Section Functionality Configuration from BOS Description Available offline
Sales Hot keys to receipts 6 simultaneous receipts customer and operator independent
Operator change Default operator
Customer change Default customer
Cancel line Enabled or disabled
Enter amount
Scan item Code reading in keyboard input mode
PLU's keyboard Name, color or customized image 20 keys per group expandable to N
Access to PLU's groups Name, color or customized image 8 groups expandable to N
Manual item code insertion
Search item by name or reference
Change item price Enabled or disabled
Item discount Activado o desactivado
Promoted item sale
Promotions Configurable groups Sale interface for combined article promotions In progress
Quick Service Restaurant In progress
Promoted items It allows to know if an article is a promotion or not
Promotions calculation It calculates promotions based on items of the receipt
Promotions application It applies promotions benefits based on items of the receipt over the total sale amount
Open cash drawer
End of sale Generic payment Configurable methods Simultaneous charging with different integrated payment method
Cash payment Enabled or disabled Quick access to cash payment
Card payment Enabled or disabled Quick access to card payment
Payment process Select payment method Up to 8 configurable buttons Main currency, alternative currency, card, bank check, private credit, coupon, escape, corporative credit
Simultaneous charging with different integrated payment method
Pending charges Available for identified customers
Other options Change operator
Pending charges
Copy receipt
Cancel receipt
Article refunding It refunds specific articles of a former sale
Cash desk closing
Cash desk closing by operator It refunds specific articles of a former sale Testing mode
Cash desk closing reprinting
cash opening
cash inflow
Cash outflow
Withdrawal to safe-deposit box
Select posting line type
Customizable functions Up to 18 customizable buttons from backoffice
Other functionalities Alerts Configuration from backoffice Global / by store / by POS / one time only / stablished periodicity / date and hour, etc.
Message bar
Alphanumeric dynamic keyboard on screen
Other configurations Main currency configuration
Secondary currency configuration
POS viewer configuration
Cash drawer configuration
Customized print format
Parameterization Accessible from backoffice
Traceability (logs) Accessible from Backoffice
Electronic diary
Associated services Start up Configuration and connection with other station devices (DOMS)
Product data, customer data and providers data import
Product support Telephone attention and troubleshooting

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