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Accurate as a handheld, user friendly as an App.

Android devices
It doesn't matter what you call it: PDA, handheld, smartphone, tablet, whatever. Handy works on any Android device that meet the minimum requirements, wich allows to save costs when choosing devices.

Operates with the device’s keyboard or just with the touchscreen. It uses integrated barcorde scanner or camera. Handy gives you the freedom of choosing a prefered device.

Easy deployment
A lightweight installation that can be carried out on different terminals without the need to renew them

Industry, retail, utilities, automotive, etc. Handy meets the cross requirements of inventory, logistics and warehouse maintenance operations common to any type of business. The capabilities that the product gives integrators allow to customize the solution to meet particular needs.



It allows you to perform the necessary operations in store or warehouse and keep the data synchronized with the cloud ERP. An optimized way to work together with the management screens offered by the backoffice of this module.

  • List of items for inventory and stock regularization of the store.
    Carry out inventories online (without interrupting purchase or sale operations)
  • Manage supplier orders.
    Collecting item listing to make and send orders to supplier.
  • Manage delivery notes.
    Delivery notes processing to check and confirm vendor orders.
  • Manage orders between stores.
    Regularizing inventory of items between stores.
  • Labels for articles and shelves.
    Scan products to create listings to print and update product labels from backoffice.
  • Control of damaged articles and inventory adjustments
    Control and adjustment of items that have suffered some loss from self-consumption, theft, expiration, etc.

The backoffice module also provides tools to monitor versions installed on all devices and control centrally available updates.


Minimum Recommended
OS Android 5.0 Android 9.0
Processor Octa-core at 2GHz Octa-core at 3.6GHz
HD 50MB 100MB
Screen Touchscreen 5" Touchscreen 10"
Scanner The scanner or camera must not alter the data read The scanner or camera must not alter the data read
Connetion 256 kb wideband 50 MB wideband

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